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3DMark 2006 1.1.0

3DMark 2006 1.1.0 Technical

Title: 3DMark 2006 1.1.0
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License: Commercial
File Size: 0K (0 bytes)
Date Added: Dec 1, 2006
OS Support: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
Publisher: Futuremark Corporation
MD5 Checksum: Unknown
SHA1 Checksum: Unknown

3DMark 2006 1.1.0 Description

3DMark06 is a PC benchmark suite designed to test the DirectX9 performance of your graphics card.

A 3DMark score is an overall measure of your system’s 3D gaming capabilities, based on comprehensive real-time 3D graphics and processor tests. By comparing your score with those submitted by millions of other gamers you can see how your gaming rig performs, making it easier to choose the most effective upgrades or finding other ways to optimize your system.

3DMark06 has been downloaded more than any other 3D benchmark and the ORB database now contains over 8.5 million 3DMark06 benchmark scores from around the world.

3DMark is an essential tool for every PC gamer, hardware enthusiast or component manufacturer in the industry.

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