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Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic Technical

Title: Media Player Classic
Downloads: 624 (All versions: 624)
License: Open Source
File Size: 1.88M (1969179 bytes)
Date Added: Aug 18, 2007
OS Support: Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7
Publisher: Guliverkli
MD5 Checksum: d3ed5f2e21d14b43ad075d9372845bf4
SHA1 Checksum: 4f9ccd90b8e277b11baa4913254878d942cee393

Media Player Classic Description

Media Player Classic is the perfect substitute for Windows Media Player.

Aestetically is identical to version 6.4 and has the same lightness in terms of RAM occupation, but it has much more usefull functions.

Features: with 'right' and 'left' keys it's possible to go forward/backward of one single frame; with 'Ctrl + right'/'left' it's possible to skip one predefinite quantity of frames; with 'Ctrl + up' it's possible to change faster the speed of reproduction; it's possible to visualize with media player Quicktime and RealMedia movies (but that programs must be installed); in full screen modality it's possible to show a scroll bar putting the mouse in the lower portion of the screen; in full screen it's possible to do the redimension images and adopt a cinema format or a TV format; it work as a DVD player too; keys are completely customizable; it can show subtitles.

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